From the Ground Up

Each and every day, Dominion Properties is looking for smart, new investments. Whether it's a historic building to rehab, an infill property to enhance or a site where we can introduce a new level of sustainable living, our goal is to elevate neighborhoods and reinvigorate Milwaukee. To do this, we draw on our strong fundamentals and years of experience instituting a well-honed process. One key to our success is that we partner with the very best professionals our industry has to offer so we can react quickly and close transactions with certainty.

If your objectives are aligned with ours and you share our passion and mission, give us a call. We'll tell you more about our investment criteria, our approach to project financing, and the strategies we employ to increase real estate value.

"Complex real estate transactions are often full of surprises. The Dominion Properties team is focused on the details so they can anticipate and address issues long before they become a hindrance."

- Scott Silverson

"Dominion is a smart, trustworthy company that treats everyone well. Business partners, employees and tenants alike find doing business with Dominion to be a very pleasant experience."

- Nick Lawrence

"I am impressed with the continued growth of Dominion Properties and the company’s future direction. The greatest strength of Dominion is the dedication and vision of both Christopher Adams and Michael O’Connor."

- Gayle Hayek